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Ukley (alburnus alburnus)

The Belarusian name - ukleya, a verkhavodka; local - an ukyoleyka, pasting, a verkhavodka, a verkhovka, a selyavka, on Dnieper - sibel.

In Belarus shiyoroko it is widespread in all rivers, reservoirs, flowing lakes, ponds and inundated reservoirs with flowing water and a sandy bottom. Everywhere it is numerous.

Pelagic fish, adheres to open sites of reservoirs with the slowed-down current. On small and fast rifts happens seldom. Big jambs keeps at falls, mill whirlpools, at dams, swimming baths, about sewers and in other places where for it there is a plentiful food. Avoids Zarosyoshy and boggy sites.
Leads a day and twilight life, happens motionless at night and costs at edge of grassy thickets, under the hung bushes, in places with a weak current somewhere.

Becomes Polovozrela on the 3rd year of life. Ikrometaniye portion, happens usually in 5-6 receptions, to intervals between them in 10-15 days. Spawning continues since the end of May at water temperature not below 15 °C until the end of July.

The usual sizes of an uklea - about 10 cm, and only separate individuals reach 15-20 cm of length and 60 g of weight. The gain only in the first two years makes about 4 cm, and then sharply falls. The gain makes only several grams a year.
Owing to the small sizes and low growth rate ukleya is not of special fishery value, but owing to high number its share in ulova happens considerable.
Cannot be considered as desirable fish in ikhtiokompleks of fishery reservoirs as is a strong contender in food thresh valuable trade types on zooplankton, adult - on larvae of insects and other food objects, in a large number exterminates caviar and to grind valuable types.