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Lake Lyuban

The lake Lyuban is in Kobrin district of the Brest Region, in 7,9 km from border from the Volynsk Region (Ukraine), in 30 km on the southeast of Kobrin, approximately in 0,7 km from Divin. Mukhavets treats the basin of the river. In the north by the main meliorative channels Cossack and Divinsky it is connected to extensive systems of meliorative channels and through them to the Dnieper and Bugsky channel. In the southwest by the meliorative channel it is connected to system of meliorative channels and via them to the large meliorative channel Terebovichsky. In the south the river of Litkov flows. Grows moderately. On the bank of the lake there is a hunting base and recreation facility "Lyuban", the children's recreation camp "Wave". The pike, the bream, a perch, small fry, a tench, a crucian, a ruff, etc. fish live in the lake. Trade fishing is made. Paid amateur fishery is organized. On east coast of the lake there are archaeological monuments: settlement of a bronze age and parking of an era of mesolitas and Neolithic.

The area of a mirror is 1,83 km; (on other these 1,96 km;), length is about 2,19 km, the greatest width is about 1,44 km, length of the coastline is about 5,85 km. The volume of water is about 10,8 million m3, the Area of a reservoir is about 80 sq.km.

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