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Svinoreyk's lake

Svinoreyk's lake is in Kobrin district of the Brest Region, in 2,4 km from border from the Volynsk Region (Ukraine), in 38 km on the southeast of Kobrin near Lelikov. Mukhavets treats the basin of the river (the ave. priok river Zap. Bug). In the north it is connected by the reclaimed channel to the channel Orekhovsky and, through it in the south to the lake Orekhovets (Ukraine) and in the north to the channel Mukhavets. In the south of 3 meliorative channels it is connected to extensive system of meliorative channels. Grows moderately. The pike, a perch, small fry, a crucian, etc. fish live in the lake. Paid amateur fishery is organized.

The area of a mirror is about 0,19 km; (on other these 0,18 km;), length about 0,52 km, the greatest width about 0,48 km, the maximum depth is 1,1 m, length of the coastline is about 1,57 km.

The lake can be used for extraction of sapropel. Stocks here — half a million cubic meters.