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National holidays of Belarus

The public holiday is the holiday established in Republic of Belarus in commemoration of the event having special historical or social and political value for Republic of Belarus, which had significant effect on development of the Belarusian state and society. Public holidays in Belarus are established according to the Decree of the President of Republic of Belarus of March 26, 1998 No. 157 "About public holidays, holidays and memorials in Republic of Belarus"

In Republic of Belarus the following public holidays are celebrated:

Constitution day of Republic of Belarus

March 15

Day of a unification of the people of Belarus and Russia

April 2

Victory Day

May 9

Day of National flag of Republic of Belarus and State Emblem of Republic of Belarus

Second Sunday of May

Independence Day

July 3

Constitution day. On March 15, 1994 the Constitution of independent Republic of Belarus was adopted.

Day of a unification of the people of Belarus and Russia. The main holiday of the Union State of Belarus and Russia is celebrated on April 2. This day in 1996 Presidents of Russia and Belarus Boris Yeltsin and Alexander Lukashenko signed the Contract on Community of Belarus and Russia in Moscow. In a year, on April 2, 1997, the Contract on the Union of Belarus and Russia which formed the basis of processes of integration of two states was signed.

Day of National flag and State Emblem of Republic of Belarus. the 2nd Sunday of May – Day of National flag of Republic of Belarus and the State Emblem of Republic of Belarus. The holiday is devoted to the main symbols of the country which embody ideas of national unity and are the most important attributes of sovereignty and independence of Belarus.

Victory Day. On May 9 Belarus celebrates a victory over fascism in the Great Patriotic War (World War II). In the country it is one of the most esteemed dates as the victory got the huge price – every third Belarusian died. Veterans of war in Belarus stand special high in esteem therefore solemn processions of veterans – the main festive action of the Victory Day. They pass across all country.

Independence Day. In Belarus the Independence Day – the main public holiday. He is marked out on July 3 – in day of release in 1944 of the city of Minsk from fascist aggressors. The main action of a holiday – solemn parade. In Minsk it is carried out on Pobediteley Avenue and reminds that the Belarusian people at the price of inconceivable losses won freedom of the country, and also shows achievements of sovereign Belarus.

Holidays and memorable days in Belarus

January 1 – New year.

January 7 – Christmas (orthodox).

February 23 – Day of defenders of the Fatherland and Armed Forces of Republic of Belarus. Though the main characters of this day the military personnel, in Belarus it is considered a holiday of all men.

8 Marta – Day of women. The holiday was founded soon after revolution of 1917. In modern Belarus on March 8 is a holiday of Spring and in the afternoon when celebrate women.

May 1 – Work holiday. The Labor Day – one of popular holidays in Belarus. This day the set of concerts and other spectacular actions is held. Many celebrate it, arranging picnics. In more detail about cuisine of Belarus

November 7 – Day of October revolution.

December 25 – Christmas (Catholic).

Memorable days

In Belarus memorable days in which it is accepted to remember the victims of great tragedies are officially determined, to pay a tribute of respect to the dead.

The day of remembrance of the dead (Radunits) – the 9th day after orthodox Easter. This day it is accepted to visit cemeteries, to put graves of relatives and close people in order.

April 26 – Day of the Chernobyl tragedy.

June 22 – Day of national memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War.

National holidays

Along with official in Belarus there are popular ancient national holidays, one of which – Kupalye. He is marked out in the night of July 7. Celebration is followed by national ceremonies, songs, round dances. Obligatory attributes of a holiday – ritual jumps through a fire and bathing. A calendar of festive and memorable days which are non-working in Belarus.

January 1

New year

January 7

Christmas (orthodox Christmas)

March 8

Day of women

The 9th day after orthodox Easter


May 1

Work holiday

May 9

Victory Day

July 3

Independence Day of Republic of Belarus (Day of the Republic)

November 7

Day of October revolution

December 25

Christmas (Catholic Christmas)


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