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Together we will make our city better

Project purpose: to collect in one place practically all information on the city of Kobrin and its vicinities. Unfortunately, not always the necessary information can be found quickly. Sometimes it cannot simply be found. Therefore there was an idea to find everything that perhaps and it is impossible and to share all this with all who are not indifferent to the history. The project is opened to take part in it for all comers. We hope that our project will be useful to school students, to teachers, all residents of the area and speeds up local history work.

Our purpose - to show all places of the city and the area, to present cultural and historical heritage of Kobrin district. We hope that will become interested in the project not only in Belarus, but also is far beyond its limits that will promote involvement of foreign investors and tourists. We have something to be proud, we have something to show. Let's show through joint efforts to the whole world All beauty and a charm of our small Homeland.

Developers it is also command the project

Logvinovich Victor Yakovlevich is a mathematics teacher of SSh No. 6 of Mr. Kobrin (developer)
Logvinovich Yakov Yakovlevich is a mathematics teacher of SSh No. 6 of Mr. Kobrin (developer)
Gongalo Vladimir Olegovich is the pupil of SSh No. 6 of Mr. Kobrin (developer)
Baranovskaya Valentina Valentinovna is the director of RFOU "Atlas" (tourism)
Marchuk Nina Grigoryevna is the author of articles on study of local lore

We set the object - to create a peculiar encyclopedia of Kobrin district. Let's create it together! Join us! With your participation and your help we will achieve the planned objectives much quicker. Do not stand aside. Write us on admin@ikobrin.ru.

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BelSEF - 2015


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