Social infrastructure

Today one of the main indicators of economic development of the country is the level of the non-productive sphere. The non-productive sphere, or social infrastructure, consists of two parts: social and welfare.

The social range provides material living conditions of the population. It includes housing and communal services, consumer services, trade and transport, that is those areas which promote rational use of free time, increase of culture of life, reduction of scales and labor input of a household.

Housing and communal services of the area render services to the population, the enterprises and the organizations of the city and area. Housing and communal services include the following departments: autotractor (94 units of autotractor equipment), bathing service (23 baths), boiler economy (21 central heat distribution stations, 24 boiler rooms, from them 16 work at gas fuel, and 8 at firm), repair and construction, ZhES, DEU, sanochistka and improvements, "Zelenkhoz" (a greenhouse of 632 sq.m, an arable land of 1,72 hectares, long-term plantings of 2,5 hectares, haymakings of 0,63 hectares).

Trade includes the organizations and the enterprises of retail trade. In the territory of Kobrin district 406 shops work, from them 243 are located in the city of Kobrin, and 163 in villages. Besides, in the territory of the area 155 trade pavilions are located. It is a lot of near shopping facilities of non-state form of ownership – them 245. Also in the territory of Kobrin district wholesale bases – 10, shopping centers – 5, drugstores – 20, from them 15 in the city of Kobrin and 5 in villages are placed.

ASB "Belarusbank"

ASB "Belarusbank" in the territory of the city of Kobrin work branches of many banks. The largest are ASB branches of "Belarusbank" and JSC Agroprombank. Also Kobrin's inhabitants can use services of such banks as JSC Vnesheconombank, "Priorbank", "Moscow-Minsk", JSC Belinvestbank, JSC Belgazprombank.

Kobrin district is rather provided with objects of consumer services. In the territory of the area them is 189, including complex places of acceptance 24. The enterprises for repair and production of garments – 23, on repair and production of footwear – 15, on repair and production of furniture – 5, on repair of household cars – 3, on repair of teleradio equipment – 2, on repair of hours – 6, hairdressing salons – 40, a photographer's studio – 6, laundries – 3, dry-cleaners – 1, on rendering funeral services – 6, on hire – 8 and other – 47 also treat objects of consumer services.

Transport of the area includes automobile, railway and pipeline tracks. In the territory of the area there passes the Friendship oil pipeline, 3 lines of the gas pipeline, two ways of the Belarusian railroad in the directions from the West on the East and from the North on the East. The area is crossed by highways of the Minsk, Gomel, Kovelsky, Grodno, Brest direction; M1/E30 (border of the Republic of Poland – Brest-Kobrin-Minsk – border of the Russian Federation), M10 (Kobrin-Gomel), M12 (Kobrin – border of Ukraine (Mokrana)), R-2 (Kobrin-Stolbtsa), R-102 (border of the Republic of Poland – Vysokoye-Kamenets-Kobrin) with the developed roadside service. In to Kobrina there is a bus station, railway station, service stations of cars. For transportation of passengers 65 buses are involved (on city routes 32 units, on suburban – 33). In Kobrin district it is transported passengers by the motor transport on 16 city and 36 suburban routes.

RUP "Belpochta" Kobrin regional knot of a mail service is structural division of the RUP "Belpochta" Brest branch and includes a site on processing and sorting of mail and 41 offices of a mail service, from them 36 in the village.

The welfare range includes education, health care, physical culture, sport and tourism, culture, science. The modern education system includes preschool, general basic, professional, secondary vocational, higher education. In the territory of Kobrin district 43 institutions of the general secondary education (including elementary school, 4 basic schools, 26 high schools, evening school, a gymnasium, 9 children's gardens schools, interschool industrial practice combine of labor training and vocational guidance), professional establishments (the state professional college of builders, the state art professional college, the state professional lyceum of services industry) function 25 establishments of preschool type.

Besides, in the territory of the area there are establishments of additional education for children and youth: Kobrin regional ecological and biological center of children and youth; Kobrin regional center of children's creativity; Kobrin regional center of technical creativity of pupils; Center of children's tourism and study of local lore of Kobrin district.

There are also educational and improving establishments (2 recreation camps), establishments of social education (the Kobrin center of the correctional developing training and rehabilitation), social and pedagogical establishments (Kobrin regional SPTs).

The structure of health care of Kobrin district includes the following organizations: The central regional hospital, branch of the central regional hospital "Maternity hospital", branch of the central regional hospital "Children's Hospital", branch of the central regional hospital "Stomatologic Policlinic", station of ambulance and emergency medical service, and also three local hospitals (Divinsky, Novosyolkovsky, Gorodetsky), Tevelsky hospital of sisterly leaving, 10 out-patient clinics, from them 8 out-patient clinics of the general practitioner: Luksky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner; Hidrinsky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner; Imeninsky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner; Orekhovsky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner; Kiselevetsky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner; Zalessky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner; Peskovsky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner; Eremichsky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner; Zaprudsky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner; Povityevsky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner.

Besides, 25 health posts which are structural divisions of medical out-patient clinics, out-patient clinics of the general practitioner and the central regional hospital.

Power of stationary establishments – 696 beds of the round-the-clock stay. Power of out-patient and polyclinic establishments – 1558 visits per shift. Day hospitals on 47 beds at district clinic, a maternity welfare unit, children's policlinic, out-patient clinic at Divinsky local hospital, out-patient clinic at Tevelsky hospital of sisterly leaving, Eremichesky medical out-patient clinic, Zaprudsky medical out-patient clinic, Povitsky medical out-patient clinic are developed. Medico-social help to the population of the area is given on beds of sisterly care in Tevelsky hospital of sisterly leaving (25 beds) and office of sisterly care on 25 beds in Divinsky local hospital.

In healthcare institution "Kobrin central regional hospital" 1826 people, from them doctors – 249, medics work with secondary vocational education – 789, other – 788.

The structure of department of culture of Kobrin district includes 92 objects of culture and art. From them 37 institutions of club type which are united in the centralized club system: Kobrin Palace of culture; Rural Recreation centers; Ostromichsky rural center of culture and leisure; Rural clubs – 12; Rural club library – 1; Autoclub; Divinsky House of crafts; 5 schools of arts with eight branches; UK "the Kobrin military and historical museum of A. V. Suvorov"; KKRUP "Park of A. V. Suvorov"; The centralized library system – 46 libraries (from them TsRB, children's regional library, 2 children's rural libraries, 42 rural libraries).

Payroll number of workers in cultural institutions of the area – 532 persons, from them 397 experts. In club establishments percent of experts – 51%; in libraries – 85%; at schools of arts – 100%. The central library system has book fund more than 494 thousand printing units. Also there is information on electronic media. At Kobrin Palace of culture 23 club formations work with total number of participants 492 persons. These are 15 collectives of amateur performances, 9 of which nurseries, 6 amateur associations, 12 nonprofessional amateur collectives with a rank of "national", 12 collectives with a rank "exemplary". The Kobrin children's school of arts has two offices: musical and choreographic. Three children's collectives carry an honorary title "exemplary" – chorus "Kupalinka", bayanny ensemble of pupils, ensemble of a song and music "Ta¸kachyk і".

Museum of A. V. Suvorov

The complex of physical culture, sport and tourism is rather widely presented in Kobrin district. The Public institution "Children's and youth sports school in winter sports of Mr. Kobrin" founded in 2009 is its part. Form of ownership – state. The sports construction belongs to 1 category on classification of sports constructions.

Ice arena

The ice arena the Basic element of the arena is the ice field the size 56kh26m. Capacity of stands is designed for 800 people. The gym, the hall of choreography belong to the main rooms. A gym – length 10,4m; width 3,6m; height 3,27m. Single capacity – 10 people in change. The choreographic hall – length 9,1m; width 5,9m; height 3,0m.

Single capacity – 15 people in change. Besides carrying out educational and training occupations and ice hockey, figure skating competitions, the ice field is used for carrying out improving (mass) driving, and also for carrying out ice shows.

The children's and youth sports school in winter sports renders different types of services. To services of the population the ice field (rent), excursion to the ice arena with hire of skates is provided, service in sharpening of skates, service in hire of skates, is provided well equipped training and choreographic halls.

The State enterprise "The improving center with water mud baths "An aquapark Mr. Kobrin" is in great demand.

Aquapark Mr. Kobrin

He offers various services of rest and medical procedures. Also this complex includes "Complex Specialized School of the Olympic Reserve for Children and Young People" institution (KSDYuShOR) of department of physical culture, sport and tourism of Kobrin district executive committee. Its sports complex consists of the following objects: the pool – 25 x 16,5 m; game hall 30 x 18 m; universal hall 30 x 18 m; hall 24 x 14 m; tennis court 40 x 20 m; the hostel on 28 places; recovery center; 200 m a racetrack with a covering.

Yunost stadium

Here the Yunost stadium having enters: football field (basic of 100 m x 70 m); football field (spare 110 m x 70 m); football field (spare 80 m x 60 m); running (l / athletic) path of 400 m (8 paths, rubber covering); sector for a throwing – 4 pieces; volleyball court.

Kobrin district and tourist objects is rich. Except historical objects, in the territory of Kobrin district not so long ago ostrich's farm in the village of Kozishche appeared. It is only in Belarus, the biggest in the CIS and one of the largest in Europe an ostrich's farm which belongs to the joint Belarusian-Polish venture "PM and Company" and occupies 10 hectares of the area. The ostrich's farm is founded in 2003 and constructed in only two years on the place where there was a waste ground earlier.

On a farm breed the biggest bird in the world – a black African ostrich. Its growth reaches 2,5 m, and the weight of 150 kg. There lives an ostrich of 70 years, from them 35–40 years lay eggs. And though the Belarusian climate strongly differs from native African, ostriches perfectly adapted to local climatic conditions and well transfer our winters. Unlike other pets ostriches are almost not subject to diseases: to them neither bird flu, nor mad cow disease are terrible. Meat and eggs of ostriches considerably surpass analogs in medical indicators. Content of cholesterol in them minimum. Meat, nevertheless, on taste it practically does not contain fat juicy and soft. Do the real works of art of a shell of ostrich's eggs. Leather of an ostrich is highly appreciated and on durability does not concede elephant. From it sew footwear and haberdashery goods. Also ostrich's fat is highly appreciated. It is widely used in cosmetics and medicine. Claws of an ostrich are used when processing diamonds, and do high-quality art brushes of eyelashes. Though the fashion on ostrich's feathers for decoration of female hats passed long ago, nevertheless, they are also in huge demand.

Now the livestock of ostriches contains more than 600 individuals. Production capacity of a farm makes 1000 heads a year. For production of a strausovodstvo on a full cycle the most progressive technologies are used. Daily the farm is open for excursions during which guides will carry out on open-air cages and shelters where there live ostriches, and will tell in detail, than they eat as look after them as ostriches breed and hatch out eggs and a lot more all interesting. On a farm it is possible to buy ostrich's meat which is famous for the tenderness and magnificent taste, ostrich's eggs, for the volume striking people, ostrich's feathers which in the past decorated hats of women of fashion, and, of course, painted ostrich's eggs.

Also in a tourist moneybox of Kobrin district there are agroestates which even more often have recently success in tourists and vacationers from various places. Kobrin district has rather developed social infrastructure though, of course, there are still areas for expansion of a social complex, especially in the field of a recreation and tourism.


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