Establishments of additional education of children and youth

Public institution of education "Kobrin regional ecological and biological center of children and youth"
Areas of work of Kobrin regional EBTSDIYU:

- kruzhkovy activity:
providing additional education of children and youth on an ecological and biological profile; organization of leisure of children and youth;

- scientific and methodical activity (organizational and methodical and analitiko-diagnostic directions): organization and methodical maintenance of work on ecological and biological education of children and youth;
coordination of research activity of teachers in the field of ecological and biological education of children and youth; control and an assessment of efficiency of use of different forms, methods, pedagogical technologies of implementation of ecological and biological education in establishments of formation of the area; development of qualitative didactic materials;

- nature protection activity:
implementation of ecological education of children and youth;
practical actions for cleaning of the polluted territories of industrial and household garbage;
promotion of ecological knowledge and nature protection activity among the population of Mr. Kobrin and the area;

- off-budget activity:
cultivation of seedling of flower and decorative, vegetable cultures, saplings of fruit and berry, decorative and shrubby breeds;
sale of houseplants, flowers on a cut (bouquets); pets (decorative rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, laboratory mice, rats, sandworts);
planning and breakdown of flower beds, beds, implementation of landscaping and gardening;

- educational and advisory activity:
consultations of the population, promotion of knowledge of fundamentals of agricultural and biological sciences;

- professional and orientation activity:
vocational guidance of children and youth at choice and development of specialties of a natural-science cycle.

In the center 958 trained institutions of the general secondary and preschool education aged from 5 till 18 years are engaged:

The following associations on interests of children and youthes (93 circles, 1 club) function:
ecological – 21
naturalistic – 4
agricultural – 10
ozelenitelsky – 5
theatrical – 4
crop – 14
zoologo-stock-raising –18
arts and crafts – 18

Kobrin regional EBTSDIYU - the organizer of regional actions of the ecological and biological direction.

List of paid services:
- photocopy, scanning, set of the text document,
- realization of the grown-up production,
- excursions of pupils and teachers of the city and the area on an ecological track of an ecological and biological complex.

Address: Brest region, 225304 Mr. Kobrin, Sovetskaya St., 104a.
Phones: (801642) 2 18 56, (801642) 2 32 95


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