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Recreation facility "Lyuban"

On the picturesque lake Lyuban (Kobrin district) which has a base of the same name, it is worth going behind silence and tranquility. In three wooden lodges which settled down in a scaffold at the coast it is possible to choose number to liking and to requirements: two - three - or four-seater. Numbers on recreation facility are equipped with TVs, microwave ovens furnaces. electric kettles.

For the most exacting in the separate case there is a suite on four persons with all conveniences. Evening can be spent in the pleasant company in a sauna or on picnic, to prepare a fragrant shish kebab with friends on the platform equipped for these purposes.

On base there is a special platform for children. After the fatigue is dispelled by sound sleep, it is possible to knead stones on an athletic field or a tennis court. Fans of not too active recreation are offered to move crinkles behind a chessboard, to play billiards or to scare lake fish splash of a catamaran. And during week-end it is the best of all to hire the bicycle and to go to the village of Divin that in 3 km from the lake. There are two ancient orthodox churches: Prechistenskaya (the beginning of the XX century) and Paraskevo-Pyatnitskaya (the 18th century), they are architecture monuments. Interested in even more ancient history of this edge we advise to visit archaeological monuments on east coast of the lake: settlement of a bronze age, mesolytic and neolytic parking

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Address: Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin district, village of Divin.

Brest +375(162)22-12-61,
Kobrin +375(1642) 2-37-46, 2-37-75.

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