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Estate "Mazychi"

So, "Mazychi" will be spaced from Minsk at distance 300 kilometers. The estate occupies the territory on the coast of a creek of the river Mukhavets. The next city – Kobrin. There is it in two kilometers from the estate.

The guests who arrived here enjoy pleasant pastime in the constructions covered by reed. In the summer such structures hold a cool, in the winter - heat. In the evenings it is possible to sit at a fireplace, to drink tea with medicative herbs and to feel the true rest and a pacification.

Near the estate there is a rowing channel. There are a beach and an aquapark where fans to bathe will swim for a while in the pool, at
need will receive medical services, will visit training and sports halls, resembles aerobics. There is an opportunity to visit the ice arena, an amphitheater, the museum. Fans of the wood can go for mushrooms and berries. It is possible to drive by the boat in the summer, and also astride a horse or on a britska, in the winter – on sledge.

In the territory of the estate it will be interesting to observe birds, their mating dance, nesting, to listen to their singing. Very curiously and interestingly to look how baby birds are brought up.

On the bank of the lake there is a bath in which the fireplace is arranged. If someone has a celebration, then a holiday it is possible
to note in a bath, in the beginning having taken a steam bath, and then having plunged in an oak font. Well, and who is more courageous, maybe, in the winter
will venture to dive into an ice-hole.

In the territory of the estate there are picturesque falls near which it is good to sit and observe black and white swans. Also fans of fishing will be happy. Fishing here excellent! And from the ushitsa welded on a fire seldom whom for ears you will delay. Besides, also the small pig or a pheasant fried on a barbecue outdoors will appetizingly smell!

As the speech came about food, here someone can choose thrice meal and if there is no such desire, then the option of independent preparation is quite possible.

At restaurant exotic pheasants and guinea fowls dishes are offered guests. It is possible to regale on musky ducks, a fried pig, and also the Belarusian hash browns and pies. In the summer - I am eager to satisfy with birch sap, to taste wild strawberry, blueberry and other berries.

For persons interested excursions in Bialowieza Forest, in places of military glory of the Brest fortress, on an ostrich's farm are organized. To whom it is interesting, that can go to a sacred source and bathe in a curative spring.

There is no doubt that everyone who at least once visited the estate "Mazychi" will remember this really heavenly spot with imposingly the walking handsome peacocks well, is proud of floating swans and with pleasure singing nightingales. For many years the mass of unforgettable impressions will be provided to guests of the estate.

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Address: Belarus, Brest Region, Kobrin district., Mazichi, Naberezhnaya St. of 32
Phones: +375(29)728-82-56, +375(29)723-19-15

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