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Estate "Flower Paradise"

There is an estate near of Kobrin. The estate includes the comfortable house which can receive about six people guests. At the disposal of tourists two rooms for rest, comfortable kitchen, and also all possible necessary conveniences including a shower cabin with a bathroom, heating, etc.

The main task of owners of the estate "Flower Ry" is a creation of a cosiness. And that can be cozier, than will settle down in a convenient chair in front of the TV, without thinking of tomorrow … it is simple to have a rest and to enjoy rest. In kitchen you will notice some elements of an interior of Soviet period, they perfectly fit into the general interior of the room, and almost as equals with modern household appliances: microwave oven, oven, refrigerator, gas stove.

In kitchen it is always possible to sit well to have a rest behind sincere conversation, or will have fun with the cheerful, amicable company much. It is possible to have supper not only in kitchen, for this purpose use the covered terrace. Design objects, some of them ancient decorate a terrace, to all appearances the interior is thought over to trifles here. Near a terrace there is a brazier which can be used in the purposes. In the estate there is a remarkable bath, having accepted which, having well steamed by dry heat, it is possible to plunge into the pool what would will be cooled. Living at us, you can order food and not think of what to prepare, and just to enjoy rest. All yard of the estate is decorated a set of ornamental plants.

Near our agroestate four children's recreation camps are located. Also there is "Ear" - the improving center. At desire you can have a rest, and is treated in sanatorium, and to live and eat at us. Having visited our estate, you automatically receive, an opportunity will enjoy sights of Kobrin district. "Flower paradise" the most remarkable place, having visited here at least once, you will not be able to forget the cosiness and comfort presented by this place, and for certain, will surely return here to continue to have a rest as in paradise.

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Address: Brest region, Kobrin district. Sand-2, Brestskaya St., 6
Phones: +375(29)7245335, +375(29)5200164, +375(1642) 90269

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