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Estate "Oak grove"

The estate "Oak grove" is in 4 km of of Kobrin, in the pine wood between expensive M-1 and river Mukhavets on the natural peninsula. From North side the estate the floodplain of river Mukhavets, and with southern bends around the deep, invalid, ancient meliorative channel.

Lack of the artificial designs protecting the territory of the estate harmoniously enters a glade on which the estate in the landscapes surrounding it is located and makes impression of finding of tourists in wild natural environment. A forest environment and existence by a number of natural reservoirs, calm, creates an ideal microclimate for active recreation and entertainment of tourists in the fresh air.

All this causes very rich plant and animal life around the estate. On the estate woodpeckers, hares, squirrels, a marten live at all seasons of the year, nightingales sing in the spring, on the river there live swans. In the floodplain of river Mukhavets it is possible to meet a heron, a stork, a kite, an owl, wild ducks, beavers and an otter. All this fauna is supplemented by pets. On estate border in the wood traces from entrenchments and redoubts of Patriotic war of 1812 remained. Nearby there is a century oak under which on giving soldiers of army of Kutuzov had a rest.

On the estate it is offered to tourists the following types of active recreation and occupations:
• Small fact-finding excursion with the estate and landscapes surrounding it, household and economic culture of local population.
• Cooking in the open air (a fire, a brazier, a cauldron, a barbecue, a construction for smoking) and in rooms: in a fireplace, on the gas stove, the Russian furnace and an oven.
• Fishing and firing from the pneumatic gun, collecting of mushrooms, berries and herbs, rest on the river, studying of the underwater world
• Work therapy (mowing, splitting of firewood, fire chamber of a fireplace and furnaces), care of a kitchen garden, garden, lawns
• Bicycle walks, a swing, in the winter – skis and skates
• A campaign along a green route to the village of Priluki Bolshiye and back or rafting on the river Mukhavets on rafts and boats

In the territory of the estate there are following constructions:
• An ancient country log hut with economic constructions and a mow, cellars, a well
• A bungalow in the form of an original tent with a fireplace and a banquet room on 15 people, kitchen and a restroom

On a lodging for the night it is possible to place up to 7 people in the winter and to the 13th in the summer. There are very good conditions and the platform for reception of autotourists with tents and trailers dachas. Near a bungalow there is an arbor on 15 people for meal in the open air, open tables with benches and two swing. On the small river the place for bathing is equipped. The picturesque estate "Oak grove" the ideal place for daily family rest and the device of various corporate actions.

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Adres:brestsky region, Kobrin district, of Priluki Malye, 13


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