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Estate "On Zarechnaya Street"

The estate "On Zarechnaya Street" is located in the Brest Region of the Republic Belaru. In 10 km. from the city of Kobrin, on the farm, 1,5 km from the highway Brest – Moscow, on the river bank Mukhavets (30 m). The total area of 1,06 hectares, a site it is surrounded with trees from all directions instead of a fence where the great number of birds whose singing you will be able to enjoy nests.

On the estate there is an ancient lodge of 1903 of construction, two garages and the new big wooden house of mansard type which is laid over by a brick. In the top three rooms (red, yellow and blue) it is possible to place 8 – 10 people. There are two toilet rooms with modern bathroom equipment, a bathtub, a shower, and also a summer shower and two toilets on the street. In an ancient lodge there is a banquet room on 20 people, kitchen and the room for accommodation on 4 berths. The souvenir shop where masters of applied folk art are exposed is organized.

At the disposal of our guests several recreation areas:
- a flower glade where you will be able to please the eye with a variety of ornamental plants, the Alpine hills, the blossoming lianas and bushes;
- the berry glade is ready to treat you with the gifts (raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, wild strawberry, blueberry, currant, cherry,
- sweet cherry, peaches, apricots, plums, grapes);
- the tea glade invites you early in the morning, under a bird's twitter, to try curative tea on fragrant medicinal herbs, vitamin fruit liqueurs, domestic wines and liqueur tinctures on berries according to ancient recipes.
- the shashlik glade is ready for the organization of picnic with preparation of dishes on a fire, there is a brazier, a barbecue, a swing and hammocks;
- the tent town suggests to spend holidays with children in marching conditions, to catch fish and to cook a fish soup directly on a fire (there are tents, air mattresses, sleeping bags, a tent and a mow).
- a decorative canopy where about 50 people for a meal, holding seminars, celebrations or ethnic holidays can accommodate.
- the beach is an opportunity to plunge and swim for a while, having enjoyed a cool in hot day, to drive on a catamaran, and also to gain beautiful suntan.

The owner - the civil engineer and the gardener, has the minibus for delivery of tourists, the organizations of excursions for sights of Mr. Kobrin (10 km) and Brest (40 km from the farm), and also trips around local lakes, mushroom and berry places (to a birchwood – 3 km)

The hostess – the graphic designer, has experiment on the organization of holidays with games, competitions and draws. Many years carries out New Year's masquerades, celebrations and anniversaries, is fond aroma-and phytotherapy, paints pictures oil, a pastel, etc. materials.

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Address: Brest Region, Kobrin area, der. Sand I, Dershovo's Natural boundary, Zarechnaya St., 8
Phone: +37529 7933191, +37529 7247893, +3751642 49439

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