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Estate "Kupalinka"

On the place of the former family estate of the most ancient noble family of Shadursky in 52 km. from Brest and in 6 km. of of Kobrin in. Pincers of Kobrin district, the Brest region the agroestate "Kupalinka" was located.

The century lindens of "pansky" times, young oak bosk, the wood and fields surrounding "Kupal_nka" and romantic privacy will help you to have a rest fully from vanity and noise of the modern world at all seasons of the year …

"Kupal_nka" is a complex from three guest houses, the Russian bath on firewood and several arbors, a farmstead with horses of different age and cows, an orchard and a kitchen garden full of stuff. In the central house which in the past was part of the real country estate and whose walls still store memory of the wise Belarusian woods, to services of guests three rooms, kitchen, a fireplace, a bathroom with a modern shower cabin, a toilet and a heat-insulated floor. In the house oven heating that in cold evenings it was possible is kept sitting before a fireplace or lying on the hot furnace, to enjoy the song of fire and to plunge dreams into the remote past.

Two more houses are cut down from the environmentally friendly bar which is pleasantly smelling of the summer mushroom wood quite recently. Each of them consists of the big room, a mini-kitchen with all necessary and the shower room with a toilet. The furniture in houses is made manually of the massif of a tree. From windows of rooms on the second floor of one of houses the panoramic view of the wood and the field, and opens at night in the afternoon, lying in a cozy bed it is possible to make wishes, looking directly at the star sky. In "Kupalinke" you will forget about a problem of bad water. Ice cold purest water runs to cranes directly from a well.

The curative Russian bath will pleasantly surprise guests not only thick steam, hot brooms and fragrant herbal tea, but also the pool on the street which is designed by the principle of the Japanese bath furako on firewood that allows to luxuriate in hot water in the fresh air even in severe winter Belarusian frosts. Professional massage after a hot bath with brooms will finally remove all city stresses and will give forces and cheerfulness.

In an arbor guests of "Kupalinki" will be able to enjoy the most tasty dishes prepared here in the Russian furnace or on a brazier. For those who want to unite as much as possible to the nature there is an opportunity to spend night on the real mow!

At the request of guests, in "Kupalinke" three meals a day from dishes of the Belarusian and Ukrainian national cuisines only from fresh natural house products can be organized.

Driving on horses astride, on a cart or sledge, fishing, bicycle walks, gathering berries and mushrooms, travel to the Brest fortress, Bialowieza Forest, ostrich's farm and other interesting places of Belarus, the organization of camps, visit of an aquapark and the ice arena will not allow you to start missing, and for the guests who decided to restore the health delivery to medical procedures in the improving center "Kolos", medical department of "Aquapark", sanatoria of "Nadzey" and "Bug" can be organized.

"Kupalinka" is a synthesis of modern comfort, faultless service, the primitive nature and traditional Belarusian hospitality.

Quantity of berths - 19

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Address: Brest region, Kobrin district. Pincers, Tsentralnaya St., 1
Phone: +37529 2222 360

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