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Recreation facility of "Komarovo"

The recreation facility of "Komarovo" is located in a fine corner of the nature on the bank of the picturesque lake Lyuban, in an environment of the pine wood, in 80 km from Brest, in 300 km from Minsk.

In the territory of base are located:

4 wooden houses for accommodation;
2-hetazhny restaurant complex with billiards and a banquet room;
the Russian bath with a font;
playground (hill, swing, sandbox);
Open-air cages with birds and animals.


table tennis
badminton, darts, chess, checkers, backgammon
the platform for volleyball and soccer
the platform for shish kebabs

General information:

year of foundation — 2006;
number of rooms - 50
the territory is fenced, is protected
functions all the year round.


Building (numbering, name)
Guest house No. 1
Guest house No. 2
House No. 1 1
House No. 2 1
Restaurant complex

Number of rooms:

Guest house No. 1 (5-seater 2-roomed)
2 rooms, kitchen (Russian oven, refrigerator. A bathroom on the house (a shower cabin with a hydromassage). In one room – 3 single beds, in the second room – a double bed. Terrace and brazier.

Guest house No. 2 (4-seater 2-roomed)
2 rooms, kitchen (refrigerator). A bathroom on the house (a shower, a toilet). In one room – a double bed, in the second room – 2 single beds. Terrace, brazier.

House No. 1
1-storey wooden house: Six 2-seater numbers and two 3-seater numbers.
2-seater 1-roomed deluxe room (6 numbers) – a double bed or 2 single beds. A bathroom in number (a wash basin, a toilet, a shower hydromassage). In number – the refrigerator, TV.
3-seater 1-roomed the increased comfort (2 numbers) - 3 single beds. A bathroom in number (a wash basin, a toilet, a shower hydromassage). In number – the refrigerator, TV.

House No. 2
1-storey wooden house: four 3-seater 1-roomed numbers, four 2-seater 1-roomed numbers.
2-seater 1-roomed (4 numbers) – 1 double bed or 2 single beds. A bathroom in number (a wash basin, a toilet, a shower). In number – the refrigerator., TV.
3-seater 1-roomed (4 numbers) – 3 single beds. A bathroom in number (a wash basin, a toilet, a shower). In number – the refrigerator, TV.


Food – 2 halls on 55 and 250 seats
Food type: home rural cuisine, European, mixed
To services of visitors of cafe — bar with a wide choice of drinks.

Reception of children:

Children on recreation facility of "Komarovo" are accepted from any age. For children in the territory of recreation facility the playground (a swing, a sandbox, a hill) is equipped.

Organization of leisure and rest:

hire of boats
the Russian bath with a font
table tennis
badminton, darts
volleyball court

In the lake Lyuban. Crucian, rudd, bream, tench, perch, small fry, pike. Fishing is carried out by own equipment of fishermen, it is possible to come with the boat, a chair, etc. Driving by the boat and the bicycle. As summer types of active recreation on water driving on the rowboat is offered.

The Russian bath with a font
What Russian does not like to take a steam bath in a bath?! The bath is located in 50 meters from the lake. From its terrace the tremendous view of a scintillating water smooth surface opens. Seasonally you have an opportunity after a hot sweating room to plunge into cool waters of the lake or to sit in the wooden basin with the water which is warmed up by firewood.

The pleasant pastime will be promoted by game in billiards (Russian).

Discounts for adults:

for adults on the main places: no
for adults on occasional seats: no

Checkout time:

arrival in the first day of the permit with: from 14:00
departure in the last day of the permit to: till 12:00
The minimum quantity of days according to the permit: 1
Implementation of vouchers: no

Reception of children:

Children in recreation facility of "Komarovo" are accepted since the birth
Discount when settling the child for the main place: till 7 years free of charge
Nursery: no
Tutor: no
Playground: is


from Minsk: to railway station "Kobrin" by passenger trains Vitebsk-Brest - a departure time 22:51 (on even numbers), Communards Brest - a departure time 22:51 (on odd numbers), and also buses from Tsentralny bus station - a departure time 09:15, 14:10, 15:10, 16:50, 17:20 or share taxis (go about 1 time an hour from 07:00 till 19:20);

from Brest: to railway station "Kobrin" by passenger trains, a departure time 10:28, 17:14, 19:38 and 20:30 (daily), and also bus or a share taxi from bus station of Brest, buses get poisoned about 2 times an hour from 09:50 till 20:30 (daily);

from bus station Mr. Kobrin: by suburban buses or share taxis Kobrin-Divin, Kobrin-Borisovka, Kobrin-Povit, Kobrin-Volna, Kobrin-Zamostye to a stop "Divin", further about 3 km on foot to recreation facility of "Komarovo";

car: Polotsk - Minsk (about 225 km) on the route P46 (to Lepel of Russia Russia (Yukhovichi)) about one Lepel (about 70 km); on the route M3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 155 km); Vitebsk - Minsk (about 280 km) on the route M3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 280 km); Minsk - recreation facility of "Komarovo" (about 333 km) on the route M1 (Brest (Kozlovichi) - Minsk border of Russia (Radish)) about one Kobrin (about 300 km); on a ring to turn left, on Road N-839, to go according to indexes to "Divin" passing the item. Flat, the item Izabelin, the item of Rukhovichi, the item of Habovichi (about 30 km), then according to indexes "Lake Lyuban" to recreation facility of "Komarovo" (about 3 km).

Contact information

Address: Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin district, Divin
Phones: +375(029)222-24-66, +375(029)798-47-62, +375 (0162)50-59-38 fax

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