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The city is located in the west of Polesia on flat river banks Mukhavets in the place of her connection with the Dnieper and Bugsky channel, in 41 km to the East from Brest.

Kobrin - important knot of the motor transport. Through the city pass Highway M1 (Brest — Moscow), being part of European Route E 30 and a Pan-European transport corridor II Berlin — Nizhny Novgorod, M12 (Kobrin — border of Ukraine (Mokrana); part of European Route E 85), and also Highway M10 (Kobrin — Gomel) connecting among themselves the regional centers of Polesia. Besides, through the city there pass republican roads of P2 (part of the old road Brest — Moscow from Columns to Kobrin) and P102 (border of Poland — High — Kamenets — Kobrin).

Motor transport

Practically all bus routes to Brest pass through the city of Kobrin. There is a route Kobrin-Minsk (Brest-Minsk).

Railway transport

To station Kobrin it is possible to reach more than from 100 stations which are in such regions as the Brest region, the Gomel region, the Mogilev region, the Bryansk region, the Smolensk region, the Moscow region, Murmansk region. The most popular routes of trains is Brest - Kobrin, Kalinkovichi - Kobrin, Zhlobin - Kobrin, Mogilev - Kobrin, Gomel - Kobrin, Bryansk - Kobrin, Vyazma - Kobrin, Moscow - Kobrin.

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