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Driving in Belarus

Everything that the motorist needs to know in Belarus, including data on a car rental, traffic regulations and questions of insurance

Car rental in Belarus

Car rental in Belarus – the new, quickly developing services sector. In the large cities of the republic enough firms which will provide you the car in use. It can be hired both with the driver, and without. It is better to reserve hire of the car in advance. If during visit to Belarus you need the car, appeal to personnel of hotel to reserve to you the car. Though in Belarus the crime rate connected with stealings of cars is small, do not leave the car in remote places. Carefully study insurance documents, specify what compensations are provided on a case of stealing of the car.

Traveling to Belarus on the car

You can arrive to Belarus on the car. At the same time you are obliged to have with yourself the driving license of the international sample and originals of documents confirming that you are the owner of the car. Check-points are located on roads and crossings of borders of Belarus. When crossing border you have to:
- to enter data of the car in the customs declaration;
- to issue the policy of assurance of a civil liability.

The movement on roads in Belarus is strictly monitored by road militia which in abbreviated form is called GAI (the Russian option) or DAI (the Belarusian option). Inspectors of GAI have a uniform with yellow fluorescent strips. At a car stop the inspector has to point to it by a special staff (a striped or red svetovozvrashchatel). If you are stopped by the state traffic inspector, you will need to raise the driving license and an insurance. Traffic in Belarus not such intensive, as in the majority of other European countries.

Additional insurance in Belarus

In the territory of Republic of Belarus the international insurance certificates "Green card" admit. In case of lack of the international insurance certificate "Green card", you have to get an automobile insurance from representatives of the Belarusian insurance companies. The bureau of sale of insurance policies is on each check point, time of its registration usually does not exceed 10 minutes. Cost varies from €5 to €50 depending on time of stay in Belarus.

Traffic regulations in Belarus

- In Belarus right-hand traffic.
- High-speed restrictions: in settlements no more than 60 km/h if it is not provided by other signs; out of settlements – 90 km/h; on highways – 110 km/h.
- In Belarus the use of any amount of alcohol driving is forbidden (including and beer).
- The majority of road signs in Belarus on Cyrillics (not in English).

Driving license in Belarus

If you intend to spend a long time in Belarus and at the same time independently to steer the car, then you need to know that the driving license of the foreign state or the driving license of the international sample will be valid in Belarus only within 3 months from the moment of entry into the country.

To steer the car after the expiration of this term, it is necessary to receive the Belarusian driver's license. It is given by the State automobile inspectorate (analog of traffic police) only if you had special training in driving school in the territory of Belarus (or other CIS country) and successfully passed examinations in traffic regulations and driving of the car. Preparation term in driving school for control of the car makes 3 months.


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