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Customs rules

Passing of customs control in Belarus – from restrictions for duty-free transportation of goods to the rules concerning personal baggage

The customs declaration at entry into Belarus

All driving and leaving the country have to fill in customs and cargo (when importing a commercial consignment of goods) declarations.

Rules of transportation of personal baggage

To travelers about 50 kg of personal baggage worth up to 1500 euros are allowed to take. The baggage exceeding these parameters is assessed with duty of 30%, but not less than 4 euros for each extra kilo.

Whether there are restrictions for duty-free import?

Yes. Import of the following goods is limited:
- alcohol and beer no more than 3 liters counting on one natural person who reached 18-year age
- cigarettes of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, either 250 g of tobacco or the specified goods in assortment with a gross weight no more than 250 grams.

How many money it is possible to import into Belarus?

Import of foreign currency to Belarus is not limited. The sum more than 10 000 dollars in an equivalent when importing to Belarus are subject to written declaring.

What objects are forbidden to be taken to Belarus?

To import to Belarus are FORBIDDEN:

- firearms
- military equipment
- drugs
- poisons
- radioactive and explosive materials

Import of animals and plants to Belarus is allowed only in the presence of the corresponding veterinary and health certificates.


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