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Insurance of tourists in Belarus

Foreign guests in Belarus have to have a special tourist insurance for all the time of their stay in the country

What type of an insurance is necessary for Belarus?

The health insurance for the sum not lower than 5000 euros is necessary for travel to Belarus. The insurance can be got from the Belarusian insurance companies or the accredited foreign insurance companies. The insurance policy issued by foreign insurance company has to extend the action to the territory of Belarus and work during the entire period of stay.

Foreign guests also have to pay an obligatory state insurance. The insurance premium depends on the number of days of stay and makes from 2 euros (3-4 days of a trip) to 85 euros (1 year).

Existence of a tourist insurance – one of conditions of obtaining the Belarusian visa.

To whom the insurance is not necessary

The insurance is not necessary:
- to the tourists passing through the country on a transit visa
- to diplomats and official delegations
- to crews of airliners and railway personnel
- to citizens of the CIS
- to refugees
- in other cases (conditions are defined in international treaties or are established on a mutual basis). It is necessary to apply for additional information in Embassies of Belarus.


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