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References to information which is object of intellectual property or the information which is object of intellectual property can be placed by users of a portal. Any information is placed Internet users independently, without any control from someone's party that corresponds to the standard world practice.

Content posted on the website represents the material which is in free access for viewing and downloading on the Internet. The administration of the website is also not engaged in the publication of the counterfeit contents stolen illegally and which is under protection of owners. The automated system publishes only the material which is in free access from open sources.

The resource is always ready to cooperate with owners and to answer any arising questions. If somehow with use of this resource your exclusive rights to objects of author's property (placement of information protected by copyright) are violated, the administration is ready to render you assistance and to remove the corresponding materials from the website.

At emergence of disputable situations concerning copyright we ask you to send us the letter in electronic form in which it is necessary to specify documentary confirmation of your rights for the material protected by copyright:

The scanned document with the press, or email from the official post domain of the company of the owner, or other information allowing to identify unambiguously you as the owner of this material.

Direct references on the pages of the website containing materials which are published with copyright infringement.

Having received the letter containing this confirmation we will remove from the website content protected by copyright within 96 hours.

We ask to address on the arising questions on email:


Phone: +375(29)801-24-72

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