Establishments of additional education of children and youth

Public institution of education "Kobrin regional center of children's creativity"
The Kobrin regional center of children's creativity (further - Kobrin RTsDT) - establishment of additional education of children and youth, realizes needs of the identity of the child for development, education and training, creates additional opportunities for the subsequent education and vocational training of children and teenagers from 4 to 18 years.

In the center 2 914 pupils of the city and the area are engaged. To help to develop the abilities, to acquire new knowledge, abilities, skills, to lighten these or those endowments of the child – one of the major tasks facing staff of the Center of children's creativity. Uniqueness of our out-of-school establishment is that it gives to each child a rare opportunity to try the hand in various kinds of activity, to gain steady interest, to gain independence in vital space.

On occupations of circles teachers cultivate love and respect for national culture, study history and traditions, revive and keep the oldest types of arts and crafts creativity.

- Associations on interests of art creativity;
- Associations on interests of arts and crafts creativity;
- Associations on interests of a public orientation.

Address: Brest region, 225306 Mr. Kobrin, Panfilovtsev St., 6
Phone: (801642) 2 16 92


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