Establishments of additional education of children and youth

Public institution of education "Kobrin regional center of technical creativity of pupils"
Kobrin regional TsTTU - establishment of additional education of children and youth. Establishment is created in 1977 as Kobrin station of young technicians.

In Kobrin RTsTTU 490 pupils in 49 circles are engaged.

- Development of interest of pupils in equipment, production, achievements of modern science.
- Instilling of skills of designing, rationalization and invention, technical thought at kruzhkovets.
- Vocational guidance taking into account age features and interests of pupils, the main directions of development of science and production.
- To promote development of the moral, physically healthy personality capable to creativity and self-determination.
Identification and encouragement of talented children and teenagers, creation of conditions for their self-realization.

In the center necessary conditions for work of circles are created:
6 laboratories and a workshop are equipped.

Occupations of the circles "Initial Modelling", "Fine arts" are carried out on the basis of a day nursery gardens No. 4, No. 9, No. 15 of Mr. Kobrin. Pedagogical collective – 16 people (regular - 15, part-time workers – 1).

Address: Brest region, 225301 Mr. Kobrin, Dzerzhinsky St., 53
Phones: (01642) 2 12 11, 4 26 09


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