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Katasha's lake

Near Kobrin in the territory of the Hidrinsky Village Council there is a village of Katasha near which directly in the middle of the wood there is a picturesque man-made lake which is called Katasha too. In summertime this favourite vacation spot not only residents of several areas, but also residents of Brest. They are attracted here by water of life with in full swing and the whole dunes from small sand.

Many delighted with the lake. What seduces them? Of course, the nature (around the pine wood), clear water (not everywhere it is so pure in other reservoirs), a sandy bottom (it is pleasant, when under legs a sand), and sand (it is possible not only to lie down on it, but also to observe with what pleasure children build sand castles). Here it is possible to choose the vacation spot according to the arrival purpose: if just to sunbathe-be bought, then you should not go far, it is possible on a sand at once and to settle down and if with spending the night or on couple of days, then it is better to go to other party to pines and there to set up camp (braziers, tents...).

Also fishing is good there: both summer, and winter. Some claim that they clear water as a tear, and gather water in a kettle for fish soup directly from the lake (we to do it, nevertheless we not strongly recommend).

Of course infrastructure for the present not at height. However possible prospects please. Construction of a camping with an access road and other engineering communications, including parking at the lake is planned. Here also the investor to find. On the project in the territory of a camping construction one - double lodges is planned. Let's hope that then the lake to change, will become even more more beautiful and it is more attractive.

There take place numerous entertaining actions, fans of tourism, music, the jeep trial like to gather. Recently here quite often there take place matches with participation of the leading Belarusian teams (and not only Belarusian) on beach soccer, including the Kobrin Polesia team.

Studying reviews of rest on Katasha's lake, at one of forums, I met someone's interesting question of approximately following maintenance: "And where there is this remarkable lake called in honor of the fighter against the Italian mafia?" Of course, commissioner Kattani here at anything.

Usually on the lake reach by the transport. Sometimes share taxis (buses) go to good weather on days off (and not only) to the lake. Generally, come to the ancient city of Kobrin. How to reach to the lake, you will be told practically by any passerby (besides on the route M12 near Kobrin there is the corresponding index): residents speak: "Katasha is our Kobrin resort".

Come! You will have a rest and not only will regret, but also will surely return here not once yet. Rest pleasant to you!

Responses having a rest on Katasha's lake were studied by Ya. Logvinovich, especially for the website – "Tourist Kobrin"


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