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Kobrink's river

Kobrinka, the Kobrin channel, the river in Kobrin district, the left inflow of the river Mukhavets (basin of the Western Bug). Length is 11,5 km. Average inclination of a surface of the water of 0,5%. The area of a reservoir is 23 sq.km. The mouth in city boundaries Kobrin begins near the village of Izabelin. The course is channeled.

Kobryn — the place where two sleeves of the marshy rivulet which broke through through dense oak groves and dense dense forests fell into the big river and, like palms of the person, covered hardly towering sandy island on which the settlement of those who did not wish to be found took cover, lived in solitude, it is reserved, an utayka. The name of the settlement named the rivulet — Kobrinka.