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Crucian silver (carassius auratus gibelio)

In Belarus acclimatization of a silver crucian in the fishery purposes is begun since 1948 on the basis of the producers delivered from the basin of Amur (the district of Khabarovsk). Now lives in many reservoirs of the basins of Dnieper, Neman, the Western Dvina, gets divorced in pond farms.

Crucian silver as the crucian ordinary, prefers for the dwelling reservoirs with the slowed-down current and the silted bottom. Successfully transfers considerable deficiency of oxygen at which other fishes cannot live. Leads a settled benthonic life.

Reach puberty at the age of 3-4 years with a length of body more than 18,5 cm. However, in certain lakes and ponds where growth of a crucian good, the polovozrelost can come at the age of 2 years. Ikrometaniye portion. Spawning is strongly dragged out, takes place since the end of May, at achievement of water temperature not below 16-18 °C, till August.

The silver crucian grows slightly quicker ordinary, but in the small closed lakes where its density is big, growth is slowed strongly down. The best growth is observed in ponds and close to them under the terms lakes, at the limited density of population.

So far the crucian silver was settled on all republic and meets in trade and amateur ulova everywhere. According to fishery statistics, the considered state catch of a crucian for all years of his acclimatization made about 43,3 thousand centners. More than 90% of a catch give the large lakes of Polesia in which the silver crucian was naturalized, formed powerful self-replicating trade herd.