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Man with a big mustache ordinary or Miron (barbus barbus)

The Belarusian name - vusach, miron; local - the man with a big mustache, on Dnieper – Miron. In Belarus the typical form lives in the rivers of basins of the Western Bug and Neman. In Neman meets on a site about one more often. Bridges, above on a current are more not numerous. The Dnieper man with a big mustache is ordinary only on the top site of Dnieper, in the area Orsha-Dubrovno, is lower on a current and in inflows is also few. Earlier in these parts the man with a big mustache was caught in significant amounts, but for the last decades became popadatyyosya in ulova single copies. In this regard, according to the proposal of scientists, since 1981 the man with a big mustache is included in the Red List Belarusian the Soviet Socialist Republic as a look which number strongly umenshayetyosya and is available threat of its total disappearance from the Belarusian fish fauna.

Large fast-growing fish. As the main habitats of the man with a big mustache serve sites of the rivers with a stony and gayolechny bottom and a rapid current, however he avoids the rivers with cold water. Is not found in creeks and places with an oozy bottom. Leads a settled life and does not soveryoshat big migrations, but within the area of the dwelling constantly wanders from place to place. Molod the man with a big mustache lives on small sandy rifts, usually together with a gudgeon, differing from them in smaller scales and yellowish coloring.

Puberty at females comes at the age of 4 years with a length of body of 30-35 cm. Males ripen on the second year of life with a length of body of 9-15 cm. Spawning nachinayotsya in May, at water temperature not below 15 °C - and continues until the end of June, happens on deep places with stony or sand-and-shingle soil.

The man with a big mustache quickly enough grows and reaches the sizes of 90 cm of length and 10 kg of weight. The Obychyony sizes in ulova - 50-60 cm of length and weighing up to 3 kg. The Dnieper man with a big mustache grows slightly quicker Neman. Most intensively females of the Dnieper man with a big mustache who already at three-year age overtake in growth of four-year-old men with a big mustache from Neman grow. Growth of males is slowed strongly down. Linear prirosta in the first 4 years at females of the Dnieper man with a big mustache make 7,5-8,5 cm, at Neman 5,5-6,5 cm. Weight already at 3-year age exceeds 100 g, in 4-year-old - 220 g, in 5-year-old - 425 g, in 6-year-old - 650 g.

The man with a big mustache had earlier some trade value in river uloyova on Neman and Dnieper. According to trade statistics, the general ulova in separate years reached 4-5 c, maximum were in 1963 (12 c) and in 1964 (17,8 c).

For restoration of promysloyovy number of the man with a big mustache it is necessary to establish a total ban on its catch for a number of years, to toughen penalties for catch, acceptance and trade in this fish, to strengthen deystvenyony fight against poaching, work on melioration of spawning areas and some other.