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Crucian ordinary (carassius carassius)

Treats fishes of family of Karpov (Cyprinidae). In Belarus it is widespread in the rivers, lakes, ponds, small inundated reservoirs and even in small sazhalka and pits where no other fishes can live.

Leads a settled life, without making any long removements. As favourite habitats serve the growing reservoirs with an oozy bottom. It is quite unpretentious to quality of water, can live in such reservoirs where other fishes quickly perish.

Become Polovozrelymi at the age of 3-4 years, depending on dwelling conditions. Under favorable conditions, especially in vysokokormny ponds, the polovozrelost comes at two-year age. Spawning begins late, usually at the end of May, at water temperature not below 16 — 18 °C and continues till August.

In well kormny ponds and lakes separate individuals can reach length of 50 cm and the weight of 4-5 kg, in two years reach the commodity weight of 250-300 grams. At the same time in malokormny reservoirs to the same age hardly reach 4-5 cm of length and only several grams of weight. Average weight in 3 years makes about 30-50 g, in 5 years - 160-200 g, in 6 years - 230-310 g. Are usual in ulova of an individual weighing about 500 g.

Annual ulova of a crucian ordinary of natural reservoirs of Belarus, to the introduction in trade of the acclimatized silver crucian, fluctuated from 75 to 475 centners a year. Since 1956 when catch of a crucian silver began, the separate accounting of catch of a crucian ordinary stopped, their general catch increased up to 800-2000 c a year. The maximum ulova were in 1962 (2889 c), in 1966 (3470 c) and in 1973 (2737 c).

In a large number the crucian is caught by amateur fishers and poachers. Ordinary in the general share production of fish can explain the small specific weight of a crucian also to those, not all karasevy reservoirs are used by trade. It is undoubted that prospects of use of a crucian in fisheries sector very big. The crucian is widely used as object of amateur fishery, strongly caught by poachers.