Potato mushrooms and rice pies

Way of preparation

Potatoes — 1 kg, egg, rice — 75 g, mushrooms dried — 30 g, onion — 1 — 2 piece, fat — 40 g, flour — 25 g, butter — 35 g, salt, pepper.

Potatoes to boil and wipe, add crude egg, salt, pepper and it is good to vent. From the prepared weight
to form circles, to put on the middle rice forcemeat with mushrooms, to connect the opposite edges of circles,
having given them the oval form, to roll in wheat flour and to fry in a frying pan on fat, so far a crust on both sides
will become ruddy. To water with the kindled butter. For forcemeat to make rice porridge, to add it is welded -
the ny chopped and slightly fried mushrooms, the fried onions, pepper, salt.


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