Smezhenina home-style

Way of preparation

Mutton — 400 g, onion — 80 g, melted butter — 40 g, onion — 80 g, carrots — 160 g, parsley (root) — 40 g, a celery (root) — 40 g, a parsnip (root) — 40 g, water — 200 g, caraway seeds — 2 g, potatoes — 1,2 kg, fat — 35 g, tomatoes fresh or salty — 240 g, pepper bitter fragrant, a carnation, bay leaf, salt.

To split mutton brisket into big pieces, to bread in rye flour, to fry. To cut Korenye in large cubes, to salt, pepper and fry. To strew meat with korenye, to fill in up to the top with water, to add spice and to extinguish in a zharochny case of 1,5 — 2 h. A tax to a table with fried potatoes and tomatoes.


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