Kruchbniki Volynsk

Way of preparation

Pork or beef — 500 g, a fresh white cabbage or fermented — 1 kg, butter — 35 g,
salted pork fat — 100 g, wheat flour — 25 g, a tomato mashed potatoes — 100 g, granulated sugar — 20 g, pepper, salt.

To cut meat thin wide pieces, to salt also pepper, to put in a pan with the warmed butter and to extinguish to semi-readiness. The chopped cabbage to stushit, fill with the browned onions, a tomato mashed potatoes, salt, sugar. On each piece of meat to put a thick slice of fat, to cover with a cabbage layer, to curtail into a tubule and to tie up a thread. To lay Krucheniki in a stewpan or a deep frying pan and, having added broth or water, to bake in a zharochny case before emergence of a ruddy crust, from time to time saucing.


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