Potatoes cutlets

Way of preparation

Potatoes — 1 kg, butter — 25 g, fat — 50 g, milk — 250 g, wheat flour — 60 g, potato starch — 60 g, eggs — 2 pieces, mushrooms dried — 20 g, crackers — 80 g. For gravy: mushrooms dried — 15 g, wheat flour — 12 g, fat — 10 g, onion — 2 pieces, butter — 5 g

The peeled potatoes to boil, wipe through a sieve, to fill with part of crude eggs, starch and salt. To sift flour, to fry, part slightly with boiled milk so, to receive dense gravy, then to boil thoroughly and mix with boiled mushrooms. To divide the prepared potatoes into portions, to fill with mushrooms with milk gravy, to give the form of cucumbers, to roll in flour, to moisten with egg, to roll in crackers and to fry till ruddy color.
Tax with mushroom seasoning.


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