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Bronzovka Mramornaya

Family: Plastinchatousye — Scarabaeidae
Group (department): Coleoptera — Coleoptera

Look: Liocola marmorata Fabricius, 1794

Status. II category. The look which number is rather high, but is quickly reduced. Only representative of a sort in fauna of area.

Short description. Average sizes bug, 19,8 — 26,5 mm long. The top is naked, brilliant, dark and bronze, a bottom bronze-green, legs green with metal gloss. Wing sheaths in the numerous cross white shtrikhovaty spots creating marble drawing. Antennas with a trekhchlenikovy lamellar mace.

Distribution. The widespread look living in Europe, Siberia in the Far East. In the Smolensk region it is universal, according to our data and data of the Smolensk museum, numerous finds from national park "Smolensk are known to Poozerye" (the neighborhood of the settlement of Przhevalskoye) [1], and also rare finds from vicinities of of Prudki of Pochinkovsky district [2].

Habitats. The mixed and broad-leaved woods, parks, forest belts. Bugs on the following wood juice and on flowers on edges and on glades.

Number in the nature. In recent years it is reduced.

The major limiting factors. Violation of natural habitats — deforestation, pollution of the environment. Features of biology. Years of bugs from May to August, are most usual at the end of June — the beginning of July. The larva develops in dust of stubs and hollows of old deciduous trees — a poplar, an aspen, a willow, an oak, a pear. Larvae winter, life cycle lasts 1 — 2 years.

Cultivation. It was not carried out.

The taken protection measures. In our country were not accepted, it is included in the Red List of Republic of Belarus [3]. Necessary measures of protection. Protection in national park "Smolensk Poozerye". Preservation of old hollow trees in places of alleged dwelling, will lock collectings.

Information sources:
1. Dorochenkova (on funds Smolensk state. museum);
2. Dombrovsky, 1913;
3. Red List of Republic of Belarus, 1993.

Originator M. Yu. GILDENKOV.