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dragonfly long-tailed
Leucorrhinia caudalis Charpentier, 1840 (Dragonfly long-tailed or Belonos long-tailed)

The short and wide, blown-up body. segments of a paunch are strongly expanded the 6-8th. Lower lip all black. Anal appendages, at least partially white. The basis of back wings with a dark opaque stain. Forward wings without dark bazalny stain. Zhilkovaniye of wings dark.

♂: Adults have a white pterostigma surrounded with thick black veins. A body all it is covered with a gray raid (without red and yellow).

♀: Pterostigma on both parties brownish-black. Large bright yellow spots from above on paunch tergita.

Years: the middle of May - the middle of July.

Length of 33-37 mm, paunch of 23-24 mm, back wing of 29-32 mm. Warm, well lit by the sun, densely overgrown lakes, ponds and staritsa, usually in forest landscapes. Like to sit down and have a rest on floating leaves of plants.