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 the arrow is greenish

Coenagrion armatum Charpentier, 1840 (the shooter greenish or armed). The wide head, from above is twice wider than the length. Wings are transparent. Pterostigma narrow (it is equal to 1 cell), light gray. There is no strip on a paunch on each side. The breast is from below not black. The rear edge of a perednespinka is extended in the middle back. Face, eyes and doplechevy strip green or yellowish-green. Legs black or dark gray.

♂: A male blue, with black drawing. The rear edge of a perednespinka of a male rounded, is in the middle extended back. The paunch is generally black, blue coloring on it is limited to the 1-3rd and 8-9th segments. Occipital spots are expressed well. The Dorsalny party of the 10th tergit of a paunch light (blue) with black marks.

♀: A female bluish or chartreuse, with black drawing. The rear edge of a perednespinka triangular, in the middle with the narrow, strongly raised ledge. Back side of the head with the short, light strip which is not reaching an occipital hollow. Anal appendages black. the 8th tergit a paunch generally blue. Pterostigma usually dark gray, its length is lengthways equal to width or is slightly longer.

Years: the middle of May - the end of June.

Length of 31-34 mm, paunch of 24-26 mm, back wing of 17-19 mm.
Small reservoirs with averages on density thickets of a horsetail or other high and narrow-leaved plants like reed, a cane or sedge.