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Short description. Length of a bug is 20 — 34 mm. Coloring black-blue or violet, edges of wing sheaths with a bright blue, green or copper-colored fringing.

Distribution. Eurokazakhstan kserofilny, forest look. Europe (not higher than 70 ° northern latitude). It is known also in Western Siberia. In Belarus meets [1] everywhere.

Habitats. In the light deciduous and mixed woods. Small-leaved woods. Lives in a forest laying, under bark, dead wood.

Biology. View with autumn type of reproduction. It is characterized by high activity. On open places bugs are active only at night, on edges and in plantings in twilight and at night, sometimes the whole days, but through certain periods become motionless. Imagos and larvae winter. Bugs fly on light. Predator polyphague. Eats earthworms, spiders, larvae, dolls and an imago of the Colorado beetle, caterpillars of a meadow moth, a scoop, young slugs [2 — 4].

Number and tendencies of its change. It is rare. In separate well gumusirovanny biogeocenoses it is rather numerous. Number is reduced.

Major factors of threat. Economic activity in the woods.

Protection measures. The look is included in the 2nd edition of the Red List of Republic of Belarus (the II category). It is protected in Bialowieza Forest. Promotion of protection of a look and control of a condition of populations is necessary.

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Originator Hotko E.I.