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Green pestryak

Family: Plastinchatousye (Scarabaeidae)

Look: Gnorimus nobilis, 1758

Pestryak green (Gnorimus nobilis) - a bug from Plastinchatousye's family. Length is 15-18 mm; coloring of the top party is very changeable: from metal - blue, green till dark and copper color; the lower party from light brown to black; on a forward back characteristic points. Adult bugs eat components of flowers therefore they need to be found on flowers umbrella, and also on bushes. The larva lives in empty trunks in dust. Larvae develop in dust of empty trees.

The bug carries out the most part of the life as the larva living in the decaying wood of old fruit trees. The adult bug, as a rule, can be found highly on the trees, in old scraps of trees or openings hollowed by woodpeckers.

The bug often changes the habitat. Number was strongly reduced in the last centuries. The bug meets in the south of Central Europe more often. He prefers the warm, old deciduous woods. Now the look meets quite seldom. It is brought in the Red List of Germany, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine.

Number and tendency of its change:
In recent years single copies are observed.

Major factors of threat:
Cutting down of the old deciduous woods.