Marchuk Nina Grigoryevna

Marchuk Nina Grigoryevna (in Sergeyev's girlhood) is from the item of Korelichi of the Grodno region. Has two higher educations (graduated from higher education institutions in Grodno and Minsk). In the past the economist and the journalist. Now it on pension.

Has about seventy published historical materials. It was printed and printed in mass media of Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Polshcha - a pryyazna a susedka of Belarusi" is four times the winner of an award of Gedroyts's Hedgehogs, the numerous winner of literary competitions of "Rekh Berastseyshchyna" and ".

Now lives in the suburb of Kobrin. Is the head of a farm. Married. The husband is an agronomist. Children became dentists. The senior grandson is a student of one of the Minsk higher education institutions, younger – the senior.

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