Were a part of Kobrin economy. Under the Act of royal Audit of economy for 1563 the manor had 20 dragged arable lands and the 18th woods. In 1845 belonged Puslovsky. Then owned Dzekonskiye. Some of them are based upon a cemetery in Kobrin. In 1890 possession Severina Dzekonskogo made 468 tithes. After World War I the manor "on a tow" passed to a sort Are black. Mieczyslaw, Nikolay and Sabina's son from Blazhevichey, and Yadviga from Dzekonsky who is married to Václav, Mieczyslaw's brother, the artist (1879 — 1944) were the last co-owners of manors of Tulichi and Tevli.

Quite big estate freely was placed among the field, in a distance from settlements, occupying the raised picturesque territory. The center of composition was the simple one-storeyed house with a penthouse and a porch on a ceremonial facade. Before it there was a lawn with the traditional access circle decorated by a lilac. The building burned down in the last war. The lilac expanded, forming dense thickets. In the form of a curtain on the former orchestra seats almonds low, the only location of a look grow in parks of Belarus.

The house surrounded the park planned as an economic garden. It represented a grid of the rectangles formed by avenues and single-row linear plantings. Bosketa with guard rows of trees on perimeter and fragments of avenues are partially traced.

After war structures of the economic yard gradually disappeared. It was sorted on a brick brovar. The estate was lost, but the place from the remains of gardens and plantings continues to attract with picturesqueness of circular prospects.

On A. T. Fedoruk's materials. Ancient estates of Beresteyshchina


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