Kharcho in Georgian

Way of preparation

Beef (brisket) or mutton — 800 g, rice — 100 g, fat animal — 40 g, onion — 120 g, garlic — 10 g, a tomato mashed potatoes — 40 g, sauce tkemat — 50 g, an unleavened wheat cake sour — 16 g, khmeli suneli — 2 g, a kindza (greens) — 40 g, pepper, spices, salt.

Brisket, previously having removed a bone, to cut together with cartilages pieces on 25 — 30 g, to fill in with cold water and to cook to semi-readiness, periodically removing foam.

To spasserovat onions together with a tomato mashed potatoes, adding the fat removed from broth. Then to put previously wetted rice and the browned onions in broth and to bring to readiness. After that to fill soup with sauce of a tkemala or a sour unleavened wheat cake, chopped greens of a kindza, pounded garlic, dried greens (khmeli suneli), pepper, bay leaf, salt and to boil 3 — 5 more min. To remove bay leaf from ready soup. To give in soup plates or soup bowls. The consistence of kharcho has to be more dense, than rice soup.  

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