Borsch Ukrainian with meat

Way of preparation

Meat — 500 g, potatoes — 320 g, cabbage fresh — 200 g, paprika — 40 g, beet — 180 g, a tomato paste — 80 g, fat pork or beef — 40 g, onion and carrots — on 80 g, parsley (root) — 40 g, flour and sugar — on 8 g, salted pork fat — 20 g, garlic — 2 zubk, sour cream — 40 g, spices, greens. For pampushkas: flour — 400 g, water — 140 g, sugar — 20 g, yeast — 12 g. For garlick gas station: vegetable oil — 40 g, garlic — 10 Zubkov, water or kvass — 80 g.

To make meat broth. To cut meat, and to filter liquid. To put in the boiling broth potatoes cut by segments, cabbage after a while chopped, pepper and to cook 20 min. To stushit beet with a tomato, carrots, onions and korenye to spasserovat, enter into broth and to cook to readiness. To fill borsch with flour pan-frying, salt, sugar. In 5 min. to add black pepper, bay leaf, the fat pounded with garlic and greens of parsley. To boil, remove from fire and before giving to insist 15 — 20 min. When giving to put boiled meat, sour cream, greens in a plate. To separately serve hot pampushkas — small rolls from yeast dough in weight on 25 g poured garlick dressing. For gas station to pound garlic with salt and to part with oil, boiled water or kvass.  

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