Solyanka meat

Way of preparation

Meat or bone strong broth — 1,25 l, a brine cucumber — 300 g, beef boiled — 200 g, beef or roast veal — 200 g, ham — 100 g, sausages — 100 g, chicken — 200 g, pickles — 200 g, cabbage fresh — 200 — 250 g, tomatoes — 100 g, sour cream — 100 g, olives — 12 pieces, mushrooms salty — 200 g, capers — 50 g, onion — 50 g, parsley, fennel, green onions, pepper black and fragrant peas.

Cucumber brine to boil, remove foam. To connect a brine to meat broth and to bring to boiling. To cut meat, ham, sausages, chicken fillet in small cubes. To drench salty mushrooms, fresh cabbage with boiled water then to cut in cubes. To cut tomatoes, cucumbers and onions in small cubes. Everything, except the meat broth connected to a cucumber brine together with spices and sour cream to put in a clay pot, to fill in with the boiling broth and to put in an oven for 10 — 15 min. For the lack of a pot it is possible to put in the enameled ware, to warm up (to pripustit) on slow fire, without allowing to begin to boil, within 10 — 15 min.  

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