Way of preparation

Mutton — 400 g, margarine table — 60 g, rice — 200 g, potatoes — 350 g, carrots — 150 g, turnip — 150 g, onion — 100 g, tomatoes fresh — 180 g or tomato paste — 40 g, milk sour — 150 g, spices.

To cut mutton pieces on 20 — 25 g and to fry before formation of a ruddy crust in strongly warmed fat, then to add the onions cut in cubes, red pepper and to fry everything together. After that to put the turnip and carrots cut in small cubes.

When vegetables are roasted, to add a tomato mashed potatoes and to brown 5 — 8 more min., then to fill in with broth, to put the rice cut in rupny cubes potatoes and to cook to readiness. When giving to fill soup with sour milk, black pepper and to strew with greens.  

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