Borsch Volynsk

Way of preparation

Beef — 430 g, beet — 300 g, cabbage fresh — 800 g, carrots — 80 g, parsley (root) — 80 g, parsley (greens) — 20 g, onion — 80 g, tomatoes fresh — 200 g, lard — 40 g, sour cream — 60 g, spices.

To cook the peeled beet to semi-readiness in the added some salt water and to cut straws. To put in the boiling broth the chopped cabbage, the prepared beet and to cook 10 — 15 min., then to put the browned korenye, onions, the stewed and wiped fresh tomatoes, bay leaf, allspice and to cook 5 — 7 min. When giving to put a piece of meat and sour cream in a plate.  

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