Potato soup

Way of preparation

Potatoes — 0,5 kg, broth bone — 1 l, salted pork fat — 200 g, onion — 80 g, garlic — 3 — 4 zubk, flour —
20 g, sour cream — 60 g, parsley greens, salt.

To cook potatoes peeled and cut in cubes in bone broth, then to take out it from broth, to knead a fork and again to put back. To cut in cubes salted pork fat and to fry slightly with Small cut onions and garlic, to add flour and to spasserovat to a podrumyanivaniye, to connect to potato soup and to bring to readiness. At the end to add small cut parsley greens, salt and black pepper, and at the last minute — sour cream. To serve soup hot.  

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