Olya subthreshing barn

Way of preparation

Beef with a bone — 200 g, pork — 100 g, veal or mutton — 100 g, salted pork fat — 100 g, sausage of smoked 100 g, green peas — 100 g, a head of cabbage of a Savoy cabbage of 400 g, carrots — 350 g, potatoes — 200 g, a celery root — 20 g, onion — 100 g, garlic — 5 g, tomatoes — 150 g, cheese — 60 g, bay leaf — 1 piece, black pepper peas, salt, parsley greens.

To fill in meat and salted pork fat with cold water and to put on fire. In 30 min. to add the peas wetted since night and spice. When meat is almost absolutely ready, to add the peeled and small cut carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic and the cabbage cut by thin strips. In 10 min. to add the cut tomatoes. To cook everything together to readiness, then meat to take out, separate it from bones. Sausage to slice, add to vegetables and to allow soup to begin to boil once again. To strew a ready dish with greens of parsley or grated cheese.  

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