The rassolnik is Moscow

Way of preparation

Pickles — 150 g, onion — 100 g, leek — 100 g, a sorrel — 100 g, spinach — 100 g or salad — 100 g, parsley (root) — 150 g, a parsnip (root) — 150 g, a celery (root) — 100 g, butter — 40 g, cream or milk — 300 g, eggs — 3 pieces, broth or water — 1,5 l, salt, black pepper.

The rassolnik is prepared with chicken or an offal of a bird or kidneys beef. To put in the boiling broth or water the browned carrots and onions cut by straws, stewed cucumbers and to cook 5 — 10 min., then to add the leaves of spinach, a sorrel or salad, spice cut on part, salt and to cook to readiness. From milk or cream and eggs to prepare lyezon. When giving in to rassolnikpolozhit portions of boiled chicken or an offal from it or the cut beef kidneys, to add egg and dairy mix. It is separately possible to give a cheese cake with cottage cheese.  

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