Rassolnik meat

Way of preparation

Kidneys — 250 — 300 g, pickles — 300 g, a brine cucumber — 150 g, potatoes — 150 g, carrots — 80 g, onions — 80 g, pearl barley — 40 g, a parsley root with greens — 50 g, a celery root with greens — 50 g, sour cream — 100 g, fennel, black pepper peas, allspice.

From kidneys to remove films and fat, to wet in water on 6 — 8 h, changing water, to boil thoroughly 20 — 30 min., to take out, slice small. To wash out grain cold water, to fill in with boiled water in a stewpan and to put to steam out for 30-45 min., changing boiled water. To clear cucumbers, to fill in a thin skin with 1 — 1,5 glasses of boiled water and to boil on slow fire of 10 — 15 min., then to reject the boiled-down thin skin, and in a brine to lower pulp of the cucumbers cut lengthways on 4 h then to cut across on small segments and to pripustit within 20 min.

To put the prepared kidneys in 1,5 Art. of boiled water, to boil thoroughly about 30 min., to add the korenye (carrots, parsley, a celery) cut by straws, the prepared grain, in 10 - 15 min. potatoes, small cut onions and to cook to readiness of potatoes on moderate fire, then to add the prepared cucumbers, to dosolit if it is necessary, to enter spices and to continue to cook 10 — 15 more min. then, having convinced of readiness of kidneys to fill with spicy greens and to boil 3 more min. To fill with sour cream when giving on a table.  

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