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Russian cabbage soup assembly

Way of preparation

Beef — 250 g, mutton — 250 g, ham — 100 g, chicken — 100 g, a duck or a goose — 100 g, sauerkraut — 500 — 700 g, onions — 100 g, carrots — 80 g, turnip — 80 g, parsley — 50 g, fennel greens, a marjoram — 10 g, bay leaf, garlic — 4 zubk, black pepper peas, sour cream — 100 g.

To cook meat and cabbage separately. To cook meat broth, having added a korenye, and meat has to be brought to semi-readiness. To bring cabbage to a condition of softness in a clay pot in an oven, previously the gulf of 0,5 l of boiled water, then to take out it from a pot and to connect to meat broth. To cut each type of meat on four parts. To put spices in 10 min. prior to readiness.  

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