Borsch Poltava

Way of preparation

Goose or chicken — 500 — 600 g, potatoes, cabbage fresh and beet — on 150 g, onion and carrots — on 50 g, parsley (root) — 25 g, fat pork — 40 g, salted pork fat — 60 g, sugar — 10 g, kvass beet — 300 g or acid lemon, tomato paste — 80 g, sour cream — 40 g, spices, salt, greens.

For dumplings: flour wheat or buckwheat — 80 g, half of eggs, water — 25 g. To make broth with a bird. To cut potatoes in cubes, cabbage checkers, beet, onion, korenye — straws. To stushit beet to readiness with kvass or acid and broth. To spasserovat carrots, onions, korenye with addition of a tomato. To put potatoes and cabbage in the boiling broth. In 10 — 15 min. to enter beet, fat, pounded with fennel greens, sugar, salt, spices. Before giving to a table borsch has to be drawn 15 — 20 min. To separately make dumplings: in the boiling water to fill up a half of the dried flour and to warm up, stirring, to remove from fire and to cool. To add the remained flour, eggs, salt and to knead rather sloping dough. To roll layers 4 — 5 mm thick, to cut some dumpling in the form of small squares and to weld in the added some salt water. When giving to a table to put dumplings, meat, sour cream, greens in a plate.  

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