Borsch Chernihiv

Way of preparation

Beef — 220 g, beet — 300 g, cabbage fresh — 500 g, haricot — 40 g, vegetable marrows — 150 g, potatoes — 400 g, parsley — 30 g, tomatoes — 70 g, apples — 120 g, onion — 80 g, a tomato mashed potatoes — 40 g, fat — 40 g, sour cream — 60 g, greens.

To cut beet straws, to salt, sprinkle vinegar, to add fat from meat broth, sugar, a tomato mashed potatoes and to extinguish to semi-readiness. To cook haricot separately. To put potatoes cut in cubes, the chopped cabbage in broth, to cook 15 — 20 min., to add the fried vegetable marrows cut in cubes, boiled haricot, stewed beet, the Browned korenye, the cut apples, fresh tomatoes (segments), spices and to cook to readiness. When giving to water with sour cream and to strew with greens of parsley or fennel.  

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