Solyanka fish national team

Way of preparation

Broth fish — 1,25 l, a brine cucumber — 200 g, a lemon — 1 piece, fillet fish — 500 g, crayfish — 10 — 12 pieces, a humpback salmon or a Siberian salmon boiled salty — 250 g, sturgeon fresh — 250 g, onion — 100 g, pickles (gherkins) — 200 g, tomatoes — 150 g, capers — 50 g, olives — 12 pieces, mushrooms salty — 200 g, carrots — 80 g, a parsley root with greens, green onions, sunflower oil — 50 g, bay leaf, black pepper peas.

To connect fish broth to separately prokipyachenny cucumber brine, to put the carrots cut by straws, parsley and to boil on slow fire. To spasserovat small cut onions and tomatoes on oil. Salty mushrooms to scald, cut in cubes. To cut cucumbers in cubes — pieces and together with cut by salty fish, pulp of crayfish and spices to connect fresh fish to the prepared products. To put ware in an oven or on a plate on weak fire for 15 min. Before giving in solyanka to squeeze out lemon juice (it is possible to cut a lemon segments — without grains and to crush a spoon).  

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